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GASP About Us

GASP was created in Sweden in 2002. Since then, GASP has been an icon in the fitness and bodybuilding scene around the world. Many know GASP over the years from some of our most iconic athletes (Branch Warren for example) and the hardcore, no compromises training and lifestyle that go along with them.

In the GASP world, you’ll regularly hear about Better Bodies – a sister brand to GASP. Both GASP and Better Bodies are run by the same team and represent the same message, just with different expressions.

From the beginning both GASP and Better Bodies have served the community through inclusiveness, open innovation, giving back, and providing a truly judgement free platform in which you’re the main character. We don’t see GASP and Better Bodies as brands – instead, we see them as a representation of our core values: No Compromises, Being Relentless, and having No Excuses.

If you’re interested in joining us to see what we’re all about, be sure to join our GASP Community Facebook group or follow us on Instagram @Gaspofficial. We welcome anyone and everyone no matter where you are on your journey – and we have an amazing community that’d be glad for you to join.

If you want to know more, watch this video where Michael Johansson, the CEO of GASP and Better Bodies talk about the philosophy behind our brands.

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